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Moby Wan Chemoby Auto SeedsMoby Wan Chemoby Auto

Strain Information

Seedbank - Butterbean Birdseed
Sex - Feminized
Variety - Indica / Sativa
Strain Genetics - Moby Dick XXL Auto x Chemdawg Auto
Flowering Time - 85 Days from sprout
Where to Grow - Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Harvest Month - September
Taste / Flavour - ?
Effect - ?
Plant Height - 100 cm+
CBD Content - ?
THC Content - 31%
Yield - High

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Moby Wan Chemoby Auto is a cross between Moby Dick XXL Auto x Chemdawg Auto. Moby Wan Chemoby Autoflower grows over 1m tall and she finishes in 85 days.

This jedi caliber auto will impress the most seasoned grower. The Moby Dicks famous size paired with the resin content of Chemdawg is a real sight to behold. A plant with massive size potential if grown in bigger containers is a real treat to grow. A perfect choice for a massive outdoor companion and a perfect candidate for LST and training indoors.