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Crop King Seeds

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Crop King Seeds cannabis seeds started in Canada, 2005 then expanded to the United States in 2012.  Crop King Seeds provides high quality weed seeds at a good price. Crop King Seeds offers many different strains for auto flowering seeds, feminized marijuana seeds, regular ganja seeds, medical marihuana seeds and dwarf cannabis seeds.

Crop King Feminized Seeds

  • Black Indica Seeds
  • Blue Banner Seeds
  • Bubba Kush Seeds
  • Cali OG Kush x Haze Seeds
  • Crown Royale Seeds
  • Dark Angel Seeds
  • Durban Poison Seeds
  • Hash Plant Seeds


  • Green Crack Seeds
  • Purple Kush Seeds
  • Sour Diesel Seeds
  • Sour Jack Seeds
  • Super Silver Haze Seeds
  • White Banner Seeds
  • White Cookies Seeds
  • White Widow Seeds

Crop King Regular Seeds

  • Blueberry Seeds
  • Haze Extreme Seeds


  • Afghani Seeds
  • Original Skunk Seeds

Crop King Auto Flower Seeds

  • Amnesia Haze Seeds
  • Candy Cane Seeds
  • Early Miss Seeds
  • Jack Herer Seeds
  • Lambs Breath Seeds
  • Northern Lights Seeds


  • Northern Lights Seed
  • NYC Diesel Seeds
  • Revolver Seeds
  • Sour Girl Seeds
  • White Widow Seeds



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Crop King Autoflower Seeds

Crop King Medical Seeds

  • CBD Auto Cheese Seeds
  • CBDream Feminized Seeds


  • CBDutch Treat Feminized Seeds