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Mylogrow Genetix is a Canadian Breeding company out of Vancouver Island, BC in Canada. Started by head breeder nicknamed Mylo,  who has been involved with growing Cannabis for well over 50 year.

What started with just a few plants in a closet to apprenticing under a master grower for years . Mylo grew commercially for 15 years before legalization in Canada. Mylo hated working for commercial companies so he decided to go solo.

Once cannabis was legalized in Canada, it wasn't long before Mylo went from cultivating to breeding.  This was the start of Mylogrows Genetix, breeding the best strains from he's created over time including hunted down pheno of Mac bx2 male that started all the first crosses.

Mylo Grow Seeds now breeds photo regs, autoflowers, and feminized seeds. Mylo Grow Seeds stands behind all products and will make right if ever any issues. All seeds are stable, tested, and reasonably priced.

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