Barney’s Farm Seeds

Barney's Farm Seeds

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Barney's Farm seeds is undoubtedly one the best marijuana seed breeders  with stable strains and awesome results when done right.

Barney's Farm owner Derry collected cannabis seeds from all types of marijuana genetics while traveling around Afghanistan, Tibet, Nepal, Pakistan, Burma, India, Thailand, Vietnam and China in the 80's. 

After spending 3 years high in the Himalaya mountains, Derry along with other top breeders worked on cross breeds.

In 1992 Derry took over Barney's Farm coffee shop with the strain he developed and it took off.

Barneys Farm Seeds picks phenotypes for the THC content, taste and smells and then back crossed them all. The results were over whelming and Barneys Farm Seeds harvested a bunch of different sativa and indica hybrids.

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