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Rare Dankness Seeds

Rare Dankness Seeds was started 2010 in Colorado by growers whom spent many years collecting, experimenting and preserving special strains. Rare Dankness spent years sourcing the rarest, most sought after strains around the world.

Currently, Rare Dankness has a whole library of awesome genetics collected over the last 35+ years with some of the best strains ever.

Rare Dankness replicates mothers to compliment masterful genetics and breeding them with superior males. The Ultimate goal is the offer the highest quality genetics possible to the cannabis community. Those for medical use and recreational.

The original Rare Dankness out of Colorado teamed up with a sister company RD Genetics, based in Europe. The seeds RD Genetics make are produced in Spain. This is how Rare Dankness got into the European market, where their popularity continues to grow.

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