Higher Understanding Regular Seeds

Higher Understanding Regular Seeds For Sale

Higher Understanding Regular SeedsHigher Understanding Regular Seeds
$160 (5 Pack)

Strain Information

Seedbank - Scott Family Farms
Sex - Feminized
Variety - Mostly Sativa
Strain Genetics - Blackseed Mexican x Harmony (Lemon Thai x Lemon Larry) x (Grape Cool Aid x Kush / Skunk)
Flowering Time - 63 Days
Where to Grow - Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Harvest Month - Mid to Late October
Taste / Flavour - Purple Pheno - Candy, Grapes, Sweet. Grape Coolaid | Gold Pheno - Fruity, Hash, Kush
Effect - Uplifting, Thought Provoking, Mentally Stimulating
Plant Height - Tall
CBD Content - ?
THC Content - 24-25%+ (indoors) | 20%+ (outdoors)
Yield - High (Indoors) | High (Outdoors)


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Higher Understanding is a cross between Blackseed Mexican x Harmony (Lemon Thai x Lemon Larry) x (Grape Cool Aid x Kush / Skunk).  Higher understanding was bred in 2016 by crossing the classic blackseed Mexican, reefermans oldest strain dates back to the 70’s in the interior of BC, from seeds imported from Mexico and Indica from Denmark that was some of the first quality outdoor Strain for Northern Europe. A f7 harmony male pollinated the black seed the Bio cup winning harmony was bred by crossing a Lemon Thai inbred line with the lemon Larry clone from California .

This hybrid is shocking in that she is fairly early for all the sativa genetics involved the flower is a cross between grape cool aid and kush /skunk there are gold and purple pheno expressions purple is coming from a Zacatecas purple pheno of black seed that occurred when a s1 was back crossed to a open pollination of f10 . This is really special weed it’s flavour and bag appeal makes it fill all the potential any sativa lovers could want in a 9 week flowering period. This is new and few have tried it all who have love it outdoor flower not light dep tested over 20% THC.