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Cookie Cure SeedsCookie Cure Seeds
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Strain Information

Seedbank - Scott Family Farms
Sex - Feminized
Variety - Mostly Indica
Strain Genetics - Girl Scout Forum Cookie x Golden Temple Kush
Flowering Time - 63-70 Days
Where to Grow - Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Harvest Month - Mid to Late October
Taste / Flavour - Vanilla, Cookies, Kush, Gassy, Earthy
Effect - Relaxing, Physical
Plant Height - Medium
CBD Content - ?
THC Content - Very High
Yield - High (Indoors) | High (Outdoors)


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Cookie Cure is a cross between Forum Cookie x Golden Temple Kush x Hindu Kush. Cookie Cure's name is a double entente in that she will cure aches and pains that you may have but in breeding her we also cured many of the issues this very early release of girls scout cookies was known for stretchy plants with long side branches that needed lots of support long inter node spacing she was not well suited for commercial purposes.

We worked on her for 6 years before releasing the cure. We found the best plant to outcross her with in the Golden temple kush a pure Hindu Kush type that matched best with the cookie vanilla smell and flavour the dry sieve hash from this lady truly smelled like vanilla cookie dough.

In spite of what is claimed many learned breeders who worked with cookies feel she is a Hindu Kush strain . We out crossed the forum cut with GTK and back crossed to the forum clone twice we than chose two siblings from the BX2 generation and pollination was sibling x sibling as this allows a bit more diversity than true s1 as selfing is the highest form of inbreeding. We also wanted to make sure both siblings had the columnar structure that makes her so much easier to grow in intensive community settings and or SOG and SCROG gardens . Even grown bigger you will not need the support for side branches the original GSC forum needed . We also assured that both siblings maintain that amazing vanilla cookie profile she possess The cookie cure is a 9.5-10 week flowering period with high yields of amazing flowers.