Ultimate Pink Kush Seeds

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Ultimate Pink Kush SeedsUltimate Pink Kush Seeds

Strain Information

Seedbank - Scott Family Farms
Sex - Feminized
Variety - Mostly Indica
Strain Genetics - King (mother) x Charles Kush (unknown Hindu Kush or also known as Violator Kush)
Flowering Time - 70-77 Days
Where to Grow - Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Harvest Month - Late October
Taste / Flavour - Kush, Gassy, Earthy
Effect - Relaxing, Physical
Plant Height - Tall
CBD Content - ?
THC Content - 25-30%+
Yield - High (Indoors) | High (Outdoors)
Prizes / Awards - 1st Place at the 2006 Highlife Cup (best indica)

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Ultimate Pink Kush produces very dense flowers covered in resin! It's a indica dominant award winning plant that can develop pink to purple colours on the buds themself.

Ultimate Pink Kush is an experience near instant relaxation after a few tokes of Scott Family Farms Ultimate Pink Kush ! This Indica dominant strain of epic physical potency. Beautiful vanilla to floral overtones with earthiness characterize the bouquet. A very potent Kush strain, amongst the strongest.

The breeding of this Canadian Icon Strain was started in 2002.  In spite of bad information the pink kush is NOT related to OG kush, it’s mother is King a Vancouver island strain that dates back to the late 1980’s.  In our circle, pinks father was a unknown Hindu Kush type that was called Charles Kush, then Barney's Farm renamed it too Violator Kush, this happened when Charles "Reeferman" Scott stopped working with them .

Charles started with a f1 Charles Kush x King and back crossed to the king creating pink kush.  Charles with Barneys farm won the 1st place at 2006 Highlife Cup for best indica.

Since that time pink has never faded, it’s like Tim’s Hortons coffee in popularity amongst Canadian weed smokers.

The breeding of the ultimate pink kush was done in Jamaica and involved more than 40k plants.

Ultimate Pink Kush has tested over 30% THC by Canna at the 06 highlife cup.